Learn how to snowboard in a fun, fast, safe, and easy way... everyone can find the right course for them at the Oetz-Hochoetz Ski School.

Course Start Times:

Beginners’ courses start on Sunday or Monday.

Courses for advanced skiers start daily from Sunday to Friday.


Beginning a course on a different day of the week must be arranged individually.

Course Hours:
2 hours daily from 10am-12pm OR from 1pm-3pm.

Meeting Point:
The meeting point is in the Hocheotz skiing area at 10:00am at the snowboarding meeting point in front of our ski depot.


(Please note arrival must be punctual and there is an approximately 8-10 minute cable car trip to our skiing area.)

Group Assignment:

At the snowboarding meeting point, you will be divided into groups depending on your ability.


Course Languages:



Snowboarding Lessons
1 day à 2 hours € 70,-
2 days à 2 hours € 125,-
3 days à 2 hours € 160,-
4 days à 2 hours € 180,-
5 days à 2 hours € 200,-
Extension form the 6th day - 2 hours per day € 30,-

Subject to change

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