Where does BOBO the Penguin come from?

BOBO the Penguin is an extraordinary bird. He loves the mountains and of course that’s why he can ski. BOBO the Penguin loves winter, snow, and the cold. He loves to be outside the most. When it’s strikingly cold he only very rarely prefers to be in the warm lounge. Because BOBO the Penguin loves being with children, he likes everything that children like. BOBO the Penguin’s favourite food is fish and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. He loves to ski, especially when there are many children with him. Even if he falls over sometimes: a real skiing penguin shakes the snow from his coat and gets right back to it! 


How it all began...


The concept that we have developed in collaboration with educators is not only made for children, but also with children. Five different characters were designed (the bear, groundhog, kangaroo, bunny, and penguin), with which children played for one month at an Innsbruck kindergarten. The penguin emerged as the clear favourite and was spontaneously christened as BOBO by one of the children. This result is the basis for the entire continued development of our system. 

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